About The Koalas

About The Koalas



The Koalas is dedicated to creating fun and joyful musical experiences for both children and their parents. The Koalas fresh approach adds new musical twist to old nursery rhymes and some of the best children’s song ever written; creating something the whole family can enjoy.  The music brings us back to the time of innocence and intense imagination with a world free from responsibilities – as well as worries and problems.

We believe that music is the universal language of love and joy. All songs have been road tested by the children in our lives, family and friends; and given the thumbs up.

Our kids music is available online as MP3 downloads or music CD format from Amazon and iTunes as well as other e-stores: eMusic, Zune, Rhapsody, Nokia, Verve Life and Media Net. You can even download just one song if that’s all you are after. Check out our products page for a full list of albums and songs available; including mother goose nursery rhymes and baby lullabies.

We are always on the look out for interesting sites. Anything to do with children, music, parenting and creativity. In short anything that takes our fancy. So check out our links page.

From time to time we will bring you ideas, thoughts and musing on all things to do with child rearing; the joy, the pain, the beauty and the fun. So check out our blog page.

What Children Need

Children are precious. Someone famous once said “give me the child and I will give you the man” (or the woman). Everyone knows and agrees that children need love, nourishment, education and physical activity. They also need to play, to freely explore the world; they need to find their creativity.

A child needs books, music and creative play in their life to help them grow. It has been proven that music connect neuron in the brain helping to develop and stimulate learning, and books opens the world and stimulates the imagination.

There is something sad about a young adult that says they are not creative, because they have come to understand that being creative means being an artist or musician. Creativity is about living a life knowing there are solutions to any issue or problem that presents itself. Creativity is about freely exploring the world of imagination, allowing ourselves to get lost and breathing in the joy of being alive. As parents we owe it to our children to encourage their passions and the best way to do this is to express our own.

So let us join them in playing, dancing, being silly and laughing till our bellies hurt.  Let us share and cherish the ever so fleeting moments of their childhood.

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