About The Koalas

About The Koalas



The Koalas is dedicated to creating fun and joyful musical experiences for both children and their parents. The Koalas fresh approach adds new musical twist to old nursery rhymes and some of the best children’s song ever written; creating something the whole family can enjoy.  The music brings us back to the time of innocence and intense imagination with a world free from responsibilities – as well as worries and problems.

We believe that music is the universal language of love and joy. All songs have been road tested by the children in our lives, family and friends; and given the thumbs up.

Our kids music is available online as MP3 downloads or music CD format from Amazon and iTunes as well as other e-stores: eMusic, Zune, Rhapsody, Nokia, Verve Life and Media Net. You can even download just one song if that’s all you are after. Check out our products page for a full list of albums and songs available; including mother goose nursery rhymes and baby lullabies.

We are always on the look out for interesting sites. Anything to do with children, music, parenting and creativity. In short anything that takes our fancy. So check out our links page.

From time to time we will bring you ideas, thoughts and musing on all things to do with child rearing; the joy, the pain, the beauty and the fun. So check out our blog page.

What Children Need

Children are precious. Someone famous once said “give me the child and I will give you the man” (or the woman). Everyone knows and agrees that children need love, nourishment, education and physical activity. They also need to play, to freely explore the world; they need to find their creativity.

A child needs books, music and creative play in their life to help them grow. It has been proven that music connect neuron in the brain helping to develop and stimulate learning, and books opens the world and stimulates the imagination.

There is something sad about a young adult that says they are not creative, because they have come to understand that being creative means being an artist or musician. Creativity is about living a life knowing there are solutions to any issue or problem that presents itself. Creativity is about freely exploring the world of imagination, allowing ourselves to get lost and breathing in the joy of being alive. As parents we owe it to our children to encourage their passions and the best way to do this is to express our own.

So let us join them in playing, dancing, being silly and laughing till our bellies hurt.  Let us share and cherish the ever so fleeting moments of their childhood.

Get The Most From Home Loan Calculator

How to Make the Most Out of a Home Loan Calculator

Why you are so cheap – is there a catch image
One of your most pressing concerns when you are preparing to buy a new home may relate to the monthly mortgage payment. Before you start seeing whether you can get a Loans.com.au Pre Approval Home Loans , you understandably need this payment to be affordable, and you do not want it to be so high that you feel strapped for cash throughout your years as a homeowner. With the effective use of a home loan calculator at different stages of the buying process, you can more accurately make a wise decision about your home buying plans. Your use of a calculator could also help you to find a wonderful home that meets your needs more quickly.
Before You Begin Looking for a New Home
Some people will eagerly begin shopping for a new home with the assumption that they can afford a specific sales price that they arbitrarily arrived at. However, you should use a home loan calculator and review your budget carefully before you determine the sales price range to start looking for homes in. By reviewing your budget, you can estimate a comfortable mortgage payment for you to make monthly. Remember to factor in other costs of ownership when you are updating your budget. These other ownership costs include home insurance, repairs, utilities and more. Once you determine a comfortable mortgage payment amount, use a home loan calculator to estimate a sales price range that works well for you.
To Decide on Preferable Loan Terms
By taking the first step, you can narrow down your home hunting efforts to zero in on the homes that are affordable for your budget. Once you find a home that you are interested in and you have gotten prequalified with a lender, you can use a home loan calculator once again. With a home loan calculator, you can adjust your down payment amount, interest rate and loan term length based on the specific numbers that your lender has provided to you. In this way, the calculator can help you to decide how to set up your loan.Your mortgage terms play a critical role in your home ownership experience in many ways. The terms affect your monthly payment, the equity that you establish and accrue, how quickly the loan is repaid and more. By using a Home Loan Calculator Loans.com.au you can better understand how variations in loan terms could potentially work in your favor. You can also make a more informed decision about your selection of an affordable home and about the ideal loan terms to apply for.

A Home Loans Guide In Australia

A Home Loans Guide In Australia


Most people in Australia don’t outright own free-standing, independent homes. Rather, about one-third of Aussies rent their places of residence, with the rest either outright owning or doing so with the help of financing. Of the latter group, over half mortgage their homes.

Statistics are similar in most developed nations, if not the entirety of planet Earth. Because shelter is necessary for living a normal, fulfilling life, we all need a secure place to live.

As every adult should know the ins and outs of home loans in Australia, here’s s short guide that you can reliably use to make sure that any Loans.com.au Home Loans in Australia you’re looking for are legitimate, reliable, and worthwhile.

Only Deal With The Most Reputable Organizations
When it comes to home loans in Australia, there will almost always be three parties involved: you, the home seller, and a financier that serves as an intermediary between you and the seller.To check that a financier you’re working with is certified, contact the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Every financier working with home loans in Australia must be certified through the aforementioned ASIC, which is typically easy to contact.
Take Everything Into Consideration
When looking for home loans in Australia, never just look at one thing – interest rate, annual percentage rate, or anything else. Take everything into consideration, as financiers and sellers often try to push whatever sounds the best to their clients.
Consider Seeking Other Opinions

Unless you’re on a very tight budget, you should never only trust one financial professional’s opinion. Even then, if you have a tight budget, or are frugal, then you probably should not be considering any of the many home loans in Australia, not even the cheapest ones.As such, you should make sure to reach out to multiple financial service providers and advisors that don’t work alongside one another, for the same company, or personally know one another.You can minimize the risk of getting into unfair or misleading home loans in Australia by informing yourself of how to make sense of home loans, mortgages, their average prices, and everything else you can think of for a Pre Approval Home Loan Loans.com.au It’s OK not to be a financial guru prior to purchasing a home. Most people don’t even educate or inform themselves of anything related to buying homes, even after they’ve purchased one or more homes.

Consider reaching out to people in multiple areas, that work for different organizations, and who aren’t receiving any compensation depending on what decision you make.

Home Loan Calculator For Refinance

Using a Home Loan Calculator for a Refinance.

Are you thinking about refinancing your home loan soon? Refinancing can provide some homeowners with incredible benefits that impact their immediate and long-term financial situation. However, refinancing is not always beneficial. Specific factors must be reviewed carefully so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. Before you spend time exploring loan options and getting prequalified through a lender, you can easily use a home loan calculator to get to know more how a refinance would affect you.

Understanding the Benefits
Through the use of a home loan calculator, you can crunch numbers to determine what the new loan payment may be. Remember that adjustments to your loan amount, interest rate and loan term length will affect the payment. When you use a home loan calculator, you can use various inputs to determine what the most advantageous combination of terms may be. For example, you can determine if you should choose a 30-year term or a shorter term and how much equity you can afford to take out. These factors will affect your immediate financial situation, and they are critical to review and understand if you want to make a smart refinancing decision. For example, if you can only afford to take out a minimal amount of equity, you may decide to refinance at a later date.

Reviewing the Impact
Because a Home Loan Calculator Loans.com.au lets you learn about the equity that you can afford to take out, it plays into an analysis of the long-term benefits of refinancing. This equity may be used for debt reduction or other beneficial purposes. Equity is not the only factor that affects your future finances. Because the loan term can change when you refinance, you need to understand how this affects your interest charges over the life of the loan and how quickly you can accrue equity again. Each home loan calculator is different, and some offer advanced calculations for amortization. In fact, they may generate a complete breakdown of the estimated outstanding balance owed after each payment is made.

A smart idea is to spend a few minutes today using a home loan calculator online. If your review of calculator data indicates that a refinance may benefit you substantially, it makes sense to contact a lender. Remember that refinancing means that you must walk through a full loan process again. While this can be a stressful experience in some cases, the tremendous financial benefits that you enjoy after refinancing https://www.loans.com.au/home-loans/refinancing-home may make the process more than worthwhile.